Honeybee Farm
 Nature, Purity, Harmony
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Welcome to our farm...
Not just food, but the essence of nature and art, in edible form !
     Somewhere in the vastness that is Upstate New York is our farm. At first a dream, eventually a reality, and thereafter, never ending hard work and dedication to provide what we deem as basic, pure, natural, and very healthy foods for body and soul.

If you are interested in any of our products and are in the Cobleskill area, email us to arrange for directions to our farm.  We will publish our market schedule when available :
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Artisanal Goat Cheese
Organic Garlic
Raw Honey
Natural Eggs
We raise chickens whose egg production is free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Our flock enjoys the freedom of outdoor forage and consumes only natural grains. Our flock rarely exceeds more than 50 hens, making the free range concept feasible and easy to manage.

Our bees are busy all spring and summer indulging on the nectar of our local blooms, and in doing so provide a very valuable function in maintaining the pollination balance throughout our area. As a result of their toil, we are provided with a delectable honey which we proudly bottle directly from nature. 

​As pure as nature intended, no pesticides, no commercial fertilizer, (only goat and chicken manure).

Our goats range from Alpines, Sables and Nubians. This rich diversity provides for delectable milk that we use to create our artisanal cheeses. Their diet is based on the grazing of our pesticide free fields and pastures. During the winter months, they consume the hay which I personally cut and bale during the summer, ensuring the continuity of a pure product and a wholesome diet. The resulting product…delicious cheese.
Honeybee Farm
Cobleskill, New York
Look for our products on Schoharie Fresh.
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