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Interested in something different?
Try our new Mediterranean Hummus.

A very traditional food comprised of natural and quality ingredients. There are no animal fats used in the making of our product, which makes it versatile for vegetarian consumption or recipes. Enjoy as a dip, on salads, on pizza, or dressing for sandwiches or wrapps.

Reminiscent of childhood memories in my grandmother’s kitchen, I have recreated this Mediterranean delight for your enjoyment. Layers of flaky phyllo dough, intertwined with a combination of fresh spinach, our own natural eggs, goat milk feta cheese, which we make on our farm and 100 % virgin olive oil, will impart a  memorable taste sensation like no other. Our product is made fresh so as to ensure its purity and wholesomeness. You will not be disappointed. 

Arisanal Hand Crafted, Hearth Baked Wheat Baguettes
The translation of Ambrosia is food of the gods. What better way to describe this delightful creation than just that. A natural and light cream filling made with our own goat milk, eggs from our chickens, and semolina wheat flour, wrapped in layers of delicate phyllo dough, and topped with a generous dusting of powdered sugar and cinnamon. A truly delightful taste sensation!

    Thank you, to all our loyal customers, retail outlets and friends for solidifying the popularity of our goat cheese, and by doing so increasing its overall demand.  Your support and patronage is greatly appreciated.  
      As a result of this demand, we have decided to supplement our own milk production by relying on our friends, also Schoharie County farmers, at the Beekman Farm for their eclectic and quality goat milk, so as to fulfill our obligations to you our customers.  
      Our selection process and decision was based on standards of purity and quality, resulting in an uncompromised product, and in turn, delicious high quality cheese.
      Our obligations and objectives remain loyal to you our customers, and our cheeses will continue to be a testament of this high quality. 

Try a new twist on Chèvre, and prepare for a great taste sensation. By far, a great accompaniment to our wheat baguettes. Fresh Chèvre rounds, laced with sun-dried tomatoes, a sprinkling of Mediterranean herbs, all topped off with garlic infused 100% virgin olive oil. I had it in a sandwich the other day on one of my baguettes, and all I can say is forget about it.  It’s that good. 
Boules de Chevre