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Pur Chèvre
Herbs de Provence
This handcrafted cheese is a delectable mild, creamy and dense cheese, made within the strict guidelines of the French tradition of artisanal cheese making. A great accompaniment to a fine Merlot or a chilled Riesling. If you feel chevre is chevre, taste theirs, then taste mine.
A rustic dressing of pure virgin olive oil, infused with a delectable blend of our Mediterranean herbs and garlic, adorns our pure Chèvre for a very memorable flavor sensation.
Our pure Chèvre laced with a coating of coarsely ground peppercorns that impart a distinct pepper flavor and texture to our creamy cheese.
An unusual combination perhaps, but a very memorable experience non the less. Sweet and tart berries with a sweet coating of brown sugar and spices bring about this dessert version of our delectable Chèvre. If you are a fan of cheesecake, you are in for a big surprise, with less guilt of course.
PURITY: From source to consumption with minimal intervention. 
Peppercorn Mélange
Very Berry & Spice
Our Very Popular Feta Crumbles
Greek Feta
Our authentic Greek feta blended with our own garlic, herbs and 100% virgin olive create this delightful spread that can be enjoyed on bread, salads, omelets, or many other creative culinary dishes.  Also try our Roasted Red Pepper Crumbles.
Our authentic feta is made with 100% goat milk in the very traditional style of the 
Mt.Olympus region of Greece. Enjoy chunks in a Greek salad, omelets, or on its own with a generous sprinkling of pepper and olive oil.  Also note that our Spanakopita is made with this cheese.

Our Fleur-De-Lis Brand of Chevre
HARMONY: The simple balance which allows our being to exist within nature's boundries...
    For the goat cheese enthusiast, this is the introduction of our white mould ripened cheeses. 
     Our Blanc 212 has its roots in our creamy Chèvre cheeses, but undergoes a smooth transition into a more piquant flavor inducing process, which produces enhanced flavor, and accentuated nuances. This process also contributes to the formation of a cream like consistency which almost liquefies when eaten.         
     This cheese seeks its pairing with a good Merlot, Bordeax, Cabernet or Chianti. Ideal on crusty Italian or French bread. 
A close relative to our Blanc 212, this neighboring cheese features a natural ash coating which when applied to the cheese at key times tends to neutralize some of the stronger nuances of the ripening process, so as to deliver a more subtle palate and texture, along with more earthy tones. Ideal pairings for this cheese are Rieslings and Pinot Grigio
"Okay, so some of you out there made the connection with the numbers.  What can I say, every now and then I get nostalgic. "
           We are very excited about this cheese.  On my first attempt at a goat version of a Gorgonzola type of cheese, I created a cheese whose texture consistency and flavor resemble the famed Italian blue version, but somehow distinguishes itself by its very unique goat milk properties.  It replaces the creaminess usually found in a sheep's milk cheese with the more ​subtle body and flavor of a goat cheese, while maintaining the blue characterisics of its close relative.  
       This is the type of cheese that will stand up to a good red wine, provide a delectible accompaniment to a fruit plater, and even serve as a condiment to any culinary undertaking. 
Our Mt. Olympus Brand of Cheeses
Perhaps one of the most memorable tastes of summer while growing up was the combination of fresh goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, a hint of garlic, olive oil, and just the right touch of herbs, all this on a warm baguette. Now this delectable cheese, adorned with all those flavors is available for your enjoyment. Made from the fresh milk of our goats, and handcrafted to perfection, I am certain it will attribute to some fond memories of your own. 

Tuscan Sunset