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Schoharie Caverns Wild Blue
The buttery nuances of cream rich Jersey milk surface at the forefront of one's pallet, while the blue undertones unmistakingly provide a memorable reminder that this is in fact a blue cheese. Surrounding our cheese is its name sake, the wild rind which is meticulously developed during the full three months of affinage. This buttery and savory cheese may be described as a cross between a Gorgonzola and a Roquefort.

  A new standard in artisanal cheese making right here in Schoharie County. Enjoyed with a baguette, almost any red wine, fresh fruit, and very accomodating to most culinary ventures which will surely satisfy the most demanding gourmand. 

Cave D'affinage
If you are interested in reserving a cheese, or pre-ordering a particular cheese for your establishment and or event, please conact us via email.        
Thank You.
This French cheese first made in 1875 in Morbier, a village of Haut-Jura, is an aromatic and surprisingly mild cow's milk cheese defined by the dark vein of vegetable ash streaking through its middle. It is a very rich cheese, with a nutty aftertaste.
Taleggio is a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese from the Valtaleggio region in northern Italy, near Lombardy. It is characteristically aromatic yet mild in flavor and features tangy, meaty notes with a fruity finish. The texture of the cheese is moist-to-oozy with a very pleasant melt-in-the-mouth feel. The combination of the soft texture, pungent aroma, and buttery flavors has proven to be addictive especially when spread on fresh crusty bread. Taleggio pairs nicely with Italian Nebbiolo wines, as well as a wide range of reds and whites.

Here you will find our aged cheeses. Most of which are made with 100% Jersey cow milk. We are very fortunate to have as our suppliers of this precious commodity, the very nice people of Stone House Farm right in our own neighborhood. Their herd is comprised exclusively of award winning Jersey cows, known for their high butter fat, and ideal for cheese-making.  These qualities are well represented in our aged line.  
Camembert is a semi-soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow's milk cheese. It was first made in the late 18th century at Camembert, Normandy in northern France. We make this cheese in Schoharie County New York, exclusively with local Jersey milk from Stone House Farm in Sharon Springs. If you allow this cheese to age further in its wrapper, you will be rewarded with a creamy, almost liquid like consistency which will undoubtedly bewilder your senses. 

         New for 2013
Originally developed in France, this cheese is covered in an edible reddish-brown coating, underneath which lies a creamy, soft, white interior with a daunting aroma that comes straight from the farm, often said it is a candidate for the top ten most pungent French cheeses. Epoisses is produced in small discs and is washed in Brandy or Cognac as it ripens.