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Eleanor at the County Fair
This was a great year for peaches.
Our Feta crumbles were a really big hit this year.
Noire 718...The early stages of creation before the mould develops.
This on a baguette with a glass of red wine...forgetaboutit
Our Blanc 212 Magnum...melts in your mouth.
Rodent Control
Our Herb de Provence Chèvre
Our Bleu 516...the goat version of Gorgonzola Dolce.
Bread is ready
Too bad pictures can't convey smells...
Getting ready for winter.
It is very interesting to note how creative kids can be when electronic devices and television are not allowed to enter their lives.  My son's Thanksgiving creation (all by himself).
My daughter's contibution was chocolate truffles.
Truffles made with Belgian dark chocolate and coated with cocoa powder.
Christmas goodies.
Saint-Marcellin in the works. Last stage of affinage.
A traditional 90 day aged Tuscan cheese.
March 1st we get the snow storm of the season.
March 1, 2012 - Spring is just around the corner.
You can take the boy out of Queens, but you can't take Queens out of the boy...time to burn all that winter fat.
Trying to instill some early health habits
On March 1, 2012 we probably got the most snow of the entire Winter season.  In two days the temperature will climb to 50 and most likely melt everything.  Here are some clips of "Winter" on the farm.
          Goats having lunch
          Goat meets cow
    And then there was one