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We are a Micro-Farm
    A micro farm is the most efficient use of land and resources primarily because the physical boundaries provide certain limitations that preclude vast expansion and ultimately the agrarian commercialization of land and product.

    Why is this a good thing? It more or less forces the farmer to be creative, innovative, ecologically resourceful and responsible. If my own water supply is located under the land, and my family resides here, I wouldn’t even think of dropping any chemical or potentially dangerous substance and risking unthinkable and permanent damage.  

    Additionally, I must be creative enough to come up with rotational strategies for my crops, my forage pastures, and the disposal and re-use of manure. On a micro farm every piece of land has a designation and intended use, there is no waste!
    I first took note of this concept when visiting my family in Italy. On a plot of land, often about one acre in size or less, they kept chickens, pigs, sheep, amazing vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and grapes. From this small ecosystem every year, and repeatedly from generation to generation, they continue to make delectable cheeses, preserves, all types of fresh and dried meats, and award winning wines.
   It was precisely this inspiration which lead me to replicate a similar environment, in Upstate New York.  

    By having natural boundaries, I am forced to focus my effort on quality rather than quantity. A concept which in today's markets is somewhat puzzling and perhaps ought to be questioned, given the remarkable volume and quantity of the so called “green,” “pure,” “cage free,” and even “organic” labeled products that are available.

“Always Question the Source of Your Food”

     Our initial objective was to provide the most optimal environment in which to raise our family. From that standard we began to expand this wholesome idea to all aspects of our lifestyle, including our food. In doing so, it became apparent to us that there are many others who share similar views as far as the consumption of wholesome, unadulterated, and natural food is concerned. 
       From this was born the idea and decision to share this bounty with all of you.

The Idea...
    A micro dairy is a facility in which small quantities of milk products are minimally processed so as to meet state regulations and standards, while maintaining their artisanal and  unique charachteristics in the final product.

    One of the benefits of this quantity limiting factor is great diversity in cheese making and experimenting with a multitude of varieties. Sometimes even failure in attaining one particular type of cheese may lead to the discovery of a new and better cheese.  

    Each and every cheese we produce is made by hand and has never experienced a ride on a conveyor belt. We produce a number of standard cheeses, and on occasion a variety of novel and unique creations. 

    As far as quality is concerned, we maintain close control of the chain, as it progresses from soil to pasture to animal to milk and ultimately cheese and yogurt. Everything is done “under one roof” so to speak, ensuring that quality is never compromised, and our customers receive a wholesome and pure product time after time.

What is a Micro Dairy?